Sunday, 8 April 2007

And here we are......back again!

It's been a frustrating couple of weeks to say the least. First my connection went on strike - my service provider still hasn't told me what the problem was and, to be quite honest, I am so fed up, I'm not sure I actually care any more!

Then I was struck down by the bite of one of the smallest yet most deadly creatures in Africa. The mosquito! A particularly nasty dose of malaria saw me in hospital for several days and, although technically now recovered, I am still feeling the after effects. Still, I am generally much improved from a week ago - I am grateful!

The horse competition season is starting again at last with our first show next weekend. Sadly the girl child is in the middle of her 'O' level exams so will be unable to ride but I shall be there cheering on the home side. I am actually quite relieved not to have to do all the horse moving and preparing that comes with attending horse shows. It will be good to sit back and watch everyone else panicking for a change!

So - anyone fancy a coffee?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jayne,

You poor thing! I have been yelling about the need to allow DDT manufacturing for years, to no avail. However, there is hope for the future through genetic engineering. Scientists have bred a mosquito that is resistant to malaria, and so will not carry the disease. If it can out breed the normal variety, that will be the beginning of the end, although we will still suffer the occasional loss of blood. Personally, I prefer the total destruction of the nasty beasts.

Recover well,
the Grit

Missy said...

Hi Jayne, this is Missy R. Bickel lol Mea Leann....I wanted to come and check out your blog ...........Nice it is too.

Keith Hillman said...

Hi Jayne! Its your friend from helium who's just found your blog! Fun isnt it!

I've got 3! Mine are also liked on Helium 'about me' page!

Love to see you there some time!

Keith aka cheffie!

Jayne :) said...

Hey Missy and Keith :)

What a treat to have you visit my humble blog! Afraid it's been a little neglected of late and it's well past due time for a little tweaking - lol

Jayne :)