Friday, 26 October 2007

VOTE FOR ME! please?

This morning I got an email telling me that I ONLY need 45 more votes to get into the Top10 on my Bloginterviewer interview :)

So here I am, a PLEADIN' and a BEGGIN'!

Thursday, 25 October 2007

That'll teach me to open my big mouth!

Even green water would be welcome! Today they switched off the water AGAIN! This time we have been threatened with two water free days - my only hope is that when it comes back again it may not be green?

My squirrels have been very unreliable again too. We have had two power cuts this week so far - each lasting about three hours and always just as I'm cooking dinner and/or as our favourite TV show is about to start! Memo to self - remember to buy more candles tomorrow!!

Gemma the Great Dane decided last night to eat the watch man! Hubby's away so I suspect she thought it was a good idea to remind him that she was on the job - I think I can safely say that he is suitably impressed with this idea and is quite happy to leave her to it! Poor man nearly had a heart attack and, I must admit, she took me by surprise too!

Otherwise life trundles along - it is incredibly hot as we wait, gasping, for the rains to start. Too hot to be very energetic so life is very slow at the moment. Everyone is in a generally bad mood and the drivers on the road are even worse than usual.

Just a normal October in Zambia :)

Hey Happy Cat!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

At last......something to brag about!

I had actually forgotten about this and then today, an email arrived announcing that my interview with Bloginterviewer was posted!


Please go and have a look, and if you feel this humble blog deserves it, give a THUMBS UP vote! :)

Here's the link - just CLICK!

Thank you friend of the blog!

Monday, 15 October 2007

Going Green....

Green is the colour of my water supply,
in the morning and at night.
When I bath, I wash my hands.
When I turn on the tap.

Green is the colour of the bubbles in my kettle,
in the morning and at night.
When I boil it, when I pour it,
Down the drain.

Green is the colour of my despair,
in the morning and at night.
Each day hoping, each day praying,
But still no respite!

The deaf leading the deaf?

My wonderful husband of 23 years is hard of hearing! There, now I've said it :) It's been a progressive deafness over the years and I don't mean to imply that he is DEAF, just that he finds certain sounds harder to hear than others. Sometimes it can be rather annoying to us all and sometimes I have been just that teensiest, weensiest bit suspicious that this deafness can be selective at times?

This weekend we had a house guest, a slightly more deaf friend who was celebrating his 70th birthday. You can imagine the frustrations of trying to talk to TWO deaf men! But, even in these moments of great irritation comes a lighter moment that puts it all into perspective - we were all sitting in the lounge watching the World Cup Rugby, at least they were, I was tapping away on the laptop, trying VERY hard to ignore the blaringly loud TV, when the following conversation suddenly came to my notice:

Hubby " he gets right up my nose!"
Friend " need an angle grinder!"
Confused pause.....
Friend " have to grind them down"
Hubby "grind what?"
Friend "my toenails, need to grind them - too tough for clippers!"
Hubby "where did that come from? seems a bit random?"
Friend "you asked why I didn't cut my toenails!"
Hubby "I was saying so and so got right up my nose!"
Friend "why didn't you say so?"

At this point I was virtually rolling on the floor in laughter. I've had these sort of conversations before but normally as a participant, I haven't really seen the humour in them - this was hysterical - lol

Definitely a case of the deaf leading the deaf!

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Domesticated Bliss?

Today I put on my domesticated housewife hat and got on with sewing that bedcover I've been promising myself I would do for some time now. Actually it was rather fun! It is a thing of beauty (well I think so at least - lol) and makes such a difference to my bedroom that I wish I had just got off my butt and done it ages ago :)

My goodness the weather has turned so hot here now that the butter is even melting in the fridge - I do not lie! I have turned the fridge up from 2 to 4 and we'll see if that helps! Thank goodness for the aircon fitted in the lounge last year, I really don't think I would survive without it. The rest of the house is like an oven - walk into the kitchen and it's like walking into a wall of hot air. I turned the COLD tap on in the bathroom and got very hot water - so hot that I had to snatch my hand from under the tap! Makes me wonder why we don't make more use of solar power here in Zambia?

Speaking of power - seems we are in the middle of a fuel shortage/crisis! Being that I didn't need to put diesel in my car until yesterday (and the fact that I live in a bubble!), I was unaware of the problem until then. Apparently we have been short on petrol for the past week but the diesel shortage only started yesterday. So I got to sit in a que, wedged between some VERY big trucks, for about 30 minutes in the blazing sun - I can only hope the shortage is of a temporary and fleeting nature and that things will be back to normal before I need to fill up again - sigh!

On the plus side - no electricity and/or water cuts so far this week! See, there IS a silver lining - lol

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

A Momentous Hour! :)

2001 visitors to my humble blog!

Thank you each and every one for taking the time to be interested in what I have to say and for joining me for coffee and a chat.

Love you all :)

Monday, 1 October 2007

Beauty is in the mouth of the eater!

In my 'surfing' today I found the most amazing 'watermelon art'! Seems some people have the interest and enthusiasm to spend hours carving the most amazing shapes and pictures into watermelons. They really were quite something to behold but I couldn't help feeling a certain sadness to think that this art would soon rot and decay or be eaten! Why not find a more permanent place to express such beauty and skill? A bit like ice sculpture - how sad to see someone's labours of love just melting away to nothingness.

Today was our 'ladies coffee morning'. I'm not terribly sure why we feel the need to give things titles? I mean all we do is meet every Monday morning, drink coffee and eat chocolate cake. We gossip and bemoan the state of the world, children and life in general and commiserate with one another. It does actually make us feel better to realise that we are not alone in our woes so I suppose it does serve its purpose - just not sure why we don't just meet for a chat? Today we got onto the subject of favourite TV chefs - interesting to discover how we all have different views on this nail biting subject! Voted the most popular? Definitely Nigela Lawson! Now THAT I find strange to say the least! :)

The saga of Eric and the biting dog continues! The neighbour did finally produce a rabies certificate for ONE of his five dogs - it lost validity at the end of August! So Eric has had the first two rabies shots (generously paid for by the dog owner) but no-one told him he still needed another three! So I will obviously have to continue to chase this up - sigh!