Thursday, 4 October 2007

Domesticated Bliss?

Today I put on my domesticated housewife hat and got on with sewing that bedcover I've been promising myself I would do for some time now. Actually it was rather fun! It is a thing of beauty (well I think so at least - lol) and makes such a difference to my bedroom that I wish I had just got off my butt and done it ages ago :)

My goodness the weather has turned so hot here now that the butter is even melting in the fridge - I do not lie! I have turned the fridge up from 2 to 4 and we'll see if that helps! Thank goodness for the aircon fitted in the lounge last year, I really don't think I would survive without it. The rest of the house is like an oven - walk into the kitchen and it's like walking into a wall of hot air. I turned the COLD tap on in the bathroom and got very hot water - so hot that I had to snatch my hand from under the tap! Makes me wonder why we don't make more use of solar power here in Zambia?

Speaking of power - seems we are in the middle of a fuel shortage/crisis! Being that I didn't need to put diesel in my car until yesterday (and the fact that I live in a bubble!), I was unaware of the problem until then. Apparently we have been short on petrol for the past week but the diesel shortage only started yesterday. So I got to sit in a que, wedged between some VERY big trucks, for about 30 minutes in the blazing sun - I can only hope the shortage is of a temporary and fleeting nature and that things will be back to normal before I need to fill up again - sigh!

On the plus side - no electricity and/or water cuts so far this week! See, there IS a silver lining - lol


Ambre said...

Eeeeeeek! Does not sound like fun at all! I read in one of the online news papers that Zambia is short on bread. Is this affecting your area?


Jayne :) said...

I don't think bread is an issue here - are you sure it wasn't Zimbabwe they were talking about?

The fuel thing is an on-going thing. Usually down to bad planning on behalf of the government importers. Our one and only refinery has been down for repairs on and off the last two years and they keep announcing it back on line and then don't order in extra fuel again until it breaks down - again!

Hey ho - life goes on! :)

Rebicmel said...

eeeek sounds like our summers, you can literally fry an egg on the sidewalk in the hottest of those heated summer days. I will send you a glacier will that help? I am sure I can buy one on the internet somewhere.

(((HUGS)))) congrats on finishing the bedspread

dickiebo said...

Shame we can't do some sort of part-exchange. You know - we have some of your sun and you have some of our ...........

keith hillman said...

Your world is so totally different from ours. And it's great to be able to read about through your blog. Thankyou.

J Morgetron said...

Hi Jayne. Doesn't creating make you feel good? It always does me some good too. I wish I knew how to sew. It's one of those things on my TO DO list: "Learn to sew." I wish I had the time.

* Sigh *

Jayne :) said...

Hey Morgy :)

First buy a sewing machine.... LOL
It really isn't hard, just time consuming.

Nice to see you again :)