Monday, 15 October 2007

The deaf leading the deaf?

My wonderful husband of 23 years is hard of hearing! There, now I've said it :) It's been a progressive deafness over the years and I don't mean to imply that he is DEAF, just that he finds certain sounds harder to hear than others. Sometimes it can be rather annoying to us all and sometimes I have been just that teensiest, weensiest bit suspicious that this deafness can be selective at times?

This weekend we had a house guest, a slightly more deaf friend who was celebrating his 70th birthday. You can imagine the frustrations of trying to talk to TWO deaf men! But, even in these moments of great irritation comes a lighter moment that puts it all into perspective - we were all sitting in the lounge watching the World Cup Rugby, at least they were, I was tapping away on the laptop, trying VERY hard to ignore the blaringly loud TV, when the following conversation suddenly came to my notice:

Hubby " he gets right up my nose!"
Friend " need an angle grinder!"
Confused pause.....
Friend " have to grind them down"
Hubby "grind what?"
Friend "my toenails, need to grind them - too tough for clippers!"
Hubby "where did that come from? seems a bit random?"
Friend "you asked why I didn't cut my toenails!"
Hubby "I was saying so and so got right up my nose!"
Friend "why didn't you say so?"

At this point I was virtually rolling on the floor in laughter. I've had these sort of conversations before but normally as a participant, I haven't really seen the humour in them - this was hysterical - lol

Definitely a case of the deaf leading the deaf!


Rebicmel said...

lol Jayne, this is to funny, kind of reminds me of my parents talking, my mom is losing her hearing and this type of stuff goes on all the time. :o)

keith k said...

Two men on a bus:

'Excuse me, is this Wembley?'
'No, Thursday!'
'So am I! Fancy a drink?'

Magdalen Islands said...


Larry said...

Too, too funny. Good enough for TV!

Jayne :) said...

Thanks Gimme :)

Hi Larry - it certainly gave me a good laugh! Maybe I should try a screen play LOL

Ambre said...

OMGosh! ROFL!!

This was gOOD! REALLY gOOD!

[giggles way out]

Anne Lyken-Garner said...

I voted for your blog after I read the hard-of-hearing conversation. Very funny indeed.

My own mother was partly deaf, and so is her mother. I know what you mean about the funny aspect of that sort of chatter.

Sometimes, though, it can get a little bit annoying.

Jayne :) said...

Hi Anne - great to meet you :)

I agree, it is very annoying if you are the one trying to HAVE the conversation - lol

Thanks for voting for me - I really appreciate it!