Thursday, 25 October 2007

That'll teach me to open my big mouth!

Even green water would be welcome! Today they switched off the water AGAIN! This time we have been threatened with two water free days - my only hope is that when it comes back again it may not be green?

My squirrels have been very unreliable again too. We have had two power cuts this week so far - each lasting about three hours and always just as I'm cooking dinner and/or as our favourite TV show is about to start! Memo to self - remember to buy more candles tomorrow!!

Gemma the Great Dane decided last night to eat the watch man! Hubby's away so I suspect she thought it was a good idea to remind him that she was on the job - I think I can safely say that he is suitably impressed with this idea and is quite happy to leave her to it! Poor man nearly had a heart attack and, I must admit, she took me by surprise too!

Otherwise life trundles along - it is incredibly hot as we wait, gasping, for the rains to start. Too hot to be very energetic so life is very slow at the moment. Everyone is in a generally bad mood and the drivers on the road are even worse than usual.

Just a normal October in Zambia :)


keith hillman said...

What's normal to you is a different world to me! We are facing the prospect of hose pipe bans again, but I really can't imagine having days without water.

Jayne :) said...

Hiya Keith :)

Tis a right royal pain in the butt! Made even more annoying by the power cut that started almost at the same time as the water came back on and left me with no damn pump to pump it - arghhhhh!

BUT it has rained! and all is well with the world for the moment :)

Magdalen Islands said...

I would gladly send you some rain. I've had my fill. We have our own water systems here so the only waters cuts happens when we want to do maintenance or repairs, thankfully however, the power is another situation. I wish we were off the grid.

jadey said...

OOO that sounds dreadful Jayne. I hope your water will not be green when it is restored.