Wednesday, 22 August 2007

And just one more ponder before bed :)

I was just looking at my little site map on the right - amazing to see all those little red dots all over the world and to think that people from all sorts of strange and exotic places are reading MY blog!

What can I say but THANK YOU? :)

Hope you all enjoy my slightly off centre views of life in Zambia - I have great fun bringing them to you and promise to really get back on track now that my holiday malaise is over.

More coffee anyone?


Rebicmel said...

Jayne I always enjoy reading your blog and your stories. I always learn something. Love the new look

keith hillman said...

No wonder the sun's not shining here today - look at all those dots over me!

I love visiting your blog. Most of us are US or UK based, so you have something completely different to offer us.

Ambre said...

The sun has not shine in my neck of the woods in four days! It's been nothing but gray skies and damp!

I suppose I should giggle anyway!!