Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Popping in for a moment :)

Just popping in to tell you about my latest obsession! I am part of a new venture - a new Blog called the Roaring Forties. Tis a colaboration between a few of us 'over 40's' and we've all been hard at work setting it up and getting started.

So please come on over and check it out - we are rather proud of it :) There is a link down below - we are just a click away!

Not to worry - I will not be neglecting the Coffee Shop! I shall be right back once we've finished painting the new place.

See you there!

The Roaring Forties


Ambre said...

Well Jayne, I'm hoping you'll be back soon, as we are waiting for another post from you...

twiddles thumbs

Marja said...

I'll checked it out and it's good
to have place to find other roaring forties proud to be. (not sure if my english is right)

Jayne :) said...

Hi Marja

Thanks for visiting the Coffee Shop Online :) It's lovely to meet you.

We like to think that life begins at 40 - hope you'll visit the Roaring Forties often! Your English is just great :)

Rebicmel said...

A mighty good job you are doing with the roaring forties too.