Sunday, 2 September 2007

All painted out !

The new blog is looking fantastic - do hope you've managed to find the time to admire the decor :)

Surely a coincidence that I've also been painting the house at the same time? We're into week two and I am getting pretty fed up with tripping over tins of paint, ladders and painters every day. They are doing a sterling job but I really am tired of camping in my own home and choking on paint fumes! Some dang fool decided to do a rough plaster finish throughout the house so painting each room has turned into a marathon task and we have used nearly three times the normal amount of paint! Might have been faster to just re-plaster :(

I have a sick husband! I thought this was worthy of mention as I'm sure all you ladies out there have 'experience' of coping with a sick husband in the house? Poor man has caught the most nasty bout of flu and is incapable of walking from the chair in front of the TV to the kitchen and back. He can't manage to eat the beef stew cooked but has a yen for chicken soup and endless cups of tea - served, of course, by an adoring wife at regular intervals! Wouldn't mind quite so much running back and forth if I could be sure that I will get the same treatment when I go down with said bout of flu - however, I am nothing if not a realist!!!

Hey ho - Tuesday sees the return of the girl child to school to continue her education! I am devastated! I had fondly thought I might get a break from early morning nagging and pleading, afternoon fetching and carrying and all those general school time blues! She has decided that she is NOT ready to step out into the big world and go to college in the UK so she has decided to carry on a further year at this dread institution and do her 'A' level Art. I'm sure she's right in her decision but it is still a blow I'm afraid. Her school career so far has not been a particularly happy one for either of us :)

So - watch this space for my nervous breakdown! - LOL


Rebicmel said...

(__)C a nice cup of coffee for ya hun and lots of well wishes and peace sent your way.

Magdalen Islands said...

I got a kick out of your rhyme in the first paragraph, last sentence. My suggestion is to make up a poem of your experience.

As far as girl child not leaving, I think that if she had of decided to go, you would have been 'woeing' because you missed her. That I come by personal experience when sonny boy went to college for three years.

Jayne :) said...

Twas unintentional I promise - LOL

But since I appear to be so naturally talented (ahem!) maybe I will give it a try :)

Ambre said...

I shall stay tuned! I wouldn't want to miss a classic Jayne nervous breakdown!!

Do hurry!!


Jayne :) said...

Not to worry CD - I rushed off and bought the Prozac this morning!