Thursday, 6 September 2007

Don't stop me now, I'm having such a good time....

Mistress Purdee Tat -mountain lion - on the front verandah

This past two weeks have been an interesting time in my house. It would seem that the old adage of 'if it can go wrong, it will do' has been following me round with a determination wonderful to be seen!

It all started when the long overdue painters finally arrived to paint the interior of the house. Since I have been waiting for close on a YEAR for this event to happen I was thrilled to finally see them and welcomed them with open arms. The very next day the kitchen geyser blew its top (literally) spewing boiling water over anyone stupid enough to try getting in or out of the back door! The end result? Painters lugging stepladders, paint, dust and dirt through the front door and all down my white tiled hall floor!

As one week dragged into two and we all tried to keep holding our breath to survive the paint fumes, the aircon unit decided to blow it's connection to the main board - possibly due to the new and improved geyser of higher voltage and the fact that the electrician had linked to two to the SAME circuit breaker in the main distribution board! A few days later the new geyser stopped providing hot water and was replaced - again!

Then came week three and the painters started on the kitchen. Lots of shiny white enamel paint and my kitchen turned up-side-down. No problem they said, it'll only be two days - hah! Five days later and I still have wet paint - Mistress Purdee Tat decided to help last night and jumped on the newly painted wet edging (a lovely mossy green!) and then tiptoed green paint all over the kitchen and down the passage with me in hot pursuit - turps and cloth in hand!

This morning the council promised water cut offs to do some maintenance work on the main pipes. But I was organised this time after TWO unexpected days without water last week and sent husband out to make SURE that the tap to the water tank was turned off so that the water didn't ooze back into the main supply like last time. He shut the tap, turned on the pump and was rewarded by a gusher! Good grief - ANOTHER leak from the very same pipe the plumber fixed last month - and in the very same place too! Result? Wet angry husband at 6am and no water into the house (because he'd had to switch the pump off) to have a hot shower. Hey ho!

But it's all part of the fun of living in Zambia. I couldn't imagine life any other way!

Am I a SAD person or what??

(Oh and the painters PROMISE to start work in the lounge next week - again!)


Rebicmel said...

Girl I hope all is well and painted and the fumes have subsided and life carries on in a more sane matter lol.

Keith said...

Like they say in Yorkshire:

'If tha wants it doing properly, do it thissen!'

(Quicker that way, too ... kitchen was only out of action for a day)

Ambre said...

I'm sorry to hear about all of your recent mishaps Jayne, but I'm glad to see that you are still alive and kicking!!

Now, think of something funny and have a good laugh!!

~here's to better days ahead~

Jayne :) said...

I really am trying - promise!

Power cut last night for two hours and - you are NEVER going to believe this one! - we were woken up at 5AM this morning by a pick up with PA system on board informing all residents that if they hadn't paid their electricity account arrears by 3:30 this afternoon they would be cut off! They sounded like they were parked outside my gate at the time! The reason for this early alert? To catch everyone before they went to work - arghhhhhhhh!

Am I the ONLY one to see the irony? LOL

Ambre said...

Africa is beginning to sound a bit primitive to me Jayne. What ever happened to sending 'late notices' via, let's, MAIL? Perhaps even PHONE call, or has everyone in Africa placed their phones in the fridge?

I shall have to find a way to sneak you to America. We even have Western Union...


keith said...
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Ambre said...

BTW, I love your veranda!!

keith said...


I've put a link to these super pictures from my blog!


jadey said...

Sorry to be laughing here Jayne but I think you caught part of the black cloud that looms usually over my head. Here this might cheer you up. Passes Jayne large coffee and ofcourse cheesecake.