Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Milton Keynes' Mysteriously Moving Concrete Cows!

In all my many visits to Milton Keynes I had yet to see those famous concrete cows that are the town's trademark so to speak. This year I was determined to rectify that and so the search for the mysterious Milton Keynes concrete cows commenced!

Apparently, due to the activities of vandals, the cows are moved from one secret location to another on a regular basis and it was pure luck that the First Born had recalled seeing them grazing quietly in an open field on his way home from work earlier in the week. So off we headed, peering expectantly out of the car window in anticipation. I'm not sure what I expected to see but, to be perfectly honest, it wasn't this!

So here you are......... I present to you those most famous of Concrete Cows! They are not very big, they are decidedly un-cow like and they have red spray paint all over them. I believe they were designed and made by a REAL artist! Hard to believe - but true!

I'll be interested to hear your comments? :)


Rebicmel said...

this is very interesting. loved it.

Keith said...

I think the bronze pigs in Adelaide are nicer!

Ambre said...

Ok, that is very strange art work!

They seem to be keeping after the grass though!


Jayne :) said...

I think the residents of Milton Keynes should demand a refund myself! After all, it is their taxes that paid for this 'art' - and rather a lot of them I expect!

I can think of lots of better ways to spend money - like painting the extremely tatty NHS hospital for a start!