Friday, 12 September 2008

Burn Baby, Burn!

Would you believe someone set the council flats next door on fire yesterday? Now, while I can understand WHY someone might feel like this was a good idea (they really are a BLIGHT on the landscape of an otherwise rather beautiful row of Victorian houses and, of course ,MY CHURCH!), I am a little confused as to why I saw or heard nothing until a very polite policewoman came knocking on my door!

This brings me to ask a rather pertinent question as to the City Father's planning (or lack thereof) policies? I have to assume that back in the dark and unenlightened times of the 1970's, building by-laws didn't exist. Every time I walk down my street I look at this abomination of architectural disaster and wonder how it was EVER allowed to be built in such an otherwise beautiful area? It brings down the whole tone of the area - not only in its own ugliness but also in the usually ugly people who live there.

Now, before you all jump on me for making unkind comments on the unfortunate appearance of my neighbours, it wasn't their looks I was commenting on but rather their souls. The type of people who usually end up in ugly council flats are mostly of the ugly soul variety too. They seem to be uncouth, loud and without charm or manners. Certainly the ones living next door to me fall into that category.

This moves me onto another line of good British thought. Many of my neighbours are foreigners, and what a lovely bunch they are for the most. We don't always understand each other as we nod, smile and say good morning but we are always polite and friendly. These are the supposed 'dregs' of lesser countries, mostly eastern European. Don't you know they come here to steal the jobs from the poor, under priviledged British working class? The same poor, under priviledged occupants that set the council flats on fire next door? The ones that have never had a job in their life and have no intention of getting one either - after all, it may interfere with their loud, obnoxious lifestyles at the tax payer's expense (that's right folks - tax payers like you and me!).

Which brings me full circle - burn baby, BURN!

Coffee anyone?

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mutters said...

LOL. This made me actually laugh a bit, Jayney. Not the content, which by the way, is spot on.

But the quietly reserved...disgust. Yet so very proper.  Very nicely written too.

It's the same here in OZ, but with...well, allsorts. As chance would have it, a boatload of illegals have just been apprehended of the NW coast (their fav entry point as there's literally thousands of miles of unattended coastline...). Afghans, Iranians, Indonesians. Now these people (just!) are , let's call them "undesirables" (I point blank refuse to use foul language on your blog...), are just as despicable.

I may be beginning to ramble - beg your pardon.

Your point is well made - and an opinion I'm fairly certain is held by the majority, including those who harbour but won't declare. THESE people, I fear, are worse.

Anyway, good stuff, Jayney.

Be good.