Sunday, 18 February 2007

Hey - the sun is shining!

Eureka! I have discovered (at last) why my postings are going astray. Simple really but it's been very annoying! I wonder if, somewhere in this vast system, my poor posts are popping up all alone and as bewildered as I have been?

Well, the sun is shining today, my computer seems to be working (not sure why, but I'm happy to let it think that it's won!) and I have managed to finally finish all that wretched end of year horse society STUFF!


So what can we chat about today I wonder?

Something that came to mind as I wondered around my garden (in the sunshine!) is why caterpillars only seem to eat certain plants? Do they have a remarkable sense of taste or does the beauty and expensiveness of the plant have any bearing on their choice? I find it curious that the rather plain and boring plants are bug free while the expensive ones with the beautiful flowers and/or exceptionally unusual leaves are full of the little pests! Curious!

Is it possible to actually loose your car in a pothole do you think? I have some fairly large ones in my access road and now that the water is drying up, I'm amazed at just how deep they are! They have all appeared in the last month from the daily onslaught of rain - just proving how much water has literally 'gone down the drain'!

How 'secret' is the secret ingredient in cocoa cola? After all, some of the people in the factory MUST know what it is? And, knowing human nature, how on earth do they manage to keep them from telling some gossip magazine?

Coffee anyone?


Jayne :) said...

just trying the back door :)

Megan Bayliss said...

Hey Jayne

how about the addage: I slept like a baby. Does that mean a person woke every 3 hours, had a feed, a burp, a nappy change and was then rocked back to sleep? Doesn't sound like a good nights sleep to me.

The caterpillars eat the expensive plants because it is an organised fiscal conspiracy between nature and the Garden Lover's Associations. If I was a nursery owner I'd want those pesky catterpillars to encourage people back to my store.

M in Australia where the rain is now spoiling what started as a glorious day.

Jayne :) said...

Hi Megan :)

I think only men sleep like babies?

Sadly, the rain started again yesterday but maybe it won't stay as long this time. It's actually a little chilly today! Begining to wonder if we'll go from rainy season to winter without the in-between bit.

Deirdre said...

Hi Jayne, Deirdre from helium here. What a lovely job you have done on your blog. The sun unfortunately is not shining here today in Ontario. Winter storm on the way. Nice to see that you are into horses and dressage. I too have a friend and her daughter competes here in Ontario. I hope you have a wonderful day in Zambia,and maybe if i get real lucky i will catch up with you sometime on helium. Deirdre

Jayne :) said...

Hi Deirdre

So nice when friends pop in for a visit! I'm still experimenting with this - it's my first attempt at blogging but what a lot of fun I'm having.

Highly recommended :)