Sunday, 25 February 2007

Travelling the Zambian way!

Well - I survived yet another trip on the highways of Zambia!

Every time I get in my car to drive the 320kms to our capital city - I wonder what interesting and life threatening diversions the Zambian road authority might have in store for me. How boring it would be if they just left the road alone and in the same state as the last time I travelled.

This trip's delights included the opening of the new, improved truck weighbridge - placed strategically on the major intersection of the roads coming in from three different regions and opposite the new garage and truck stop where everyone who is anyone stops to get their shwarmas and petrol to sustain them for the long trip ahead. Needless to say, the chaos would have been very interesting to watch from the sidelines but was very inconvenient, time consuming and downright dangerous from my own personal perspective as a driver trying to negotiate my way through it!

The next driving handicap in The Game was the closure of half of the single lane 'highway' for repairs to the huge speed humps and surrounding road after a truck had obviously flattened them and itself by hitting one of them and going off the road in a somewhat spectacular style judging from the aftermath. Since the lady in charge of the traffic control 'STOP/GO' sign was determined to let every car in Zambia through before me, it gave me the opportunity to gaze serenely at the countryside, the truck accident and smoke a cigarette before continuing on my way.

Next came the white line painters, carefully concealed around a particularly sharp bend in the road just after the 120km speed regulation sign. And yes, there was someone waving a red flag at me as I came round the bend and jolly agile he was too! But not to worry, I was brought to an almost complete standstill a little further down the road by the huge trenches across the road - not quite sure why they were there but I will get my wheel alignment checked next week when I have the time. And to the pedestrian lurking on the side of the road at that particular spot - I really AM sorry that you had to leap into the bushes and may I mention that your backward flip was worthy of an olympic gymnast's?

This trip, there were only three police road blocks and all more or less in the same place so I was fairly prepared for the sudden appearance of the obligatory rusty barrel in the middle of the road and had no serious problems stopping in time. It was very pleasant to pass the time of day with a cheerful policeman looking for a lift to the big city although he wasn't terribly happy when I had to say no due to company insurance policies and the carrying of unauthorised passengers.

Only two nose to nose confrontations with long distance buses - no problem, there was plenty of room on the verge and no pedestrians at those particular spots so luck was with me this time. I am still amazed at how FAST those buses can travel!

All in all, a successful journey. Accompanied by the wonderful music of Queen, appropriately entitled "Don't stop me now, I'm having such a good time, I'm having a ball!" playing full ball on my CD player!

Coffee anyone?


Al said...

Soooo maaaaany exlcamation marks...... my poor eyes :P

sorry mum, I can't help but poke fun at you. Love you really.

Jayne :) said...

cheeky brat (no ! mark) - I shall cut off your allowance!

Love you too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jayne,

I'll take you up on the coffee; it'll go nicely with the donuts I brought. That sounds like quite an adventure!!!!!!!!!! ;) It also sounds like an excellent reason to telecommute.

the Grit

Anonymous said...

PS we aren't going to post to Brit & Grit anymore. We've pretty much settled on just writing on our new blog. If you want to update your link, it's:

the Grit

Jayne :) said...

Hey Grit (Anonymous?)

It was an exciting interlude in an otherwise rather dull life :)

I plan to stick to my computer for a while until I get over the adrenalin rush.

Changing link now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jayne

Life on the roads in the UK are no where near as interesting (with or without exclamation marks). At less than five miles an hour on clogged highways, there is more risk now in train travel.

the Brit

Jayne :) said...

Hi Brit (Another Anonymous?)

I have been watchig the train crash on Sky News - how dreadful and quite amazing that only one person actually died?

As you can see, I am trying to limit my (!) after my smart arse middle son's comments!:) (sorry, couldn't resist.)

That's what happens when you send them to University.

Rhonda said...

Sounds like an exciting and slightly torturous road trip Jayne! I loved the descriptions of what happened to the poor guy holding the red flag and the bush hopping pedestrian! Life where you are sounds like it can be trying indeed!'s my message! Good to see your Blog coming along so well!

P.S. I just previewed this and noticed that we share the same overworked exclamation point! LOL Maybe it's a woman thing. haha

kblog said...

Cute! This (adapt) is the group I used to write for, they run these blog sites. Maybe I will try it. It looks good. Kelly from Helium

kblog said...

I am having trouble posting. This is cute I used to write for adapt. Kelly Moser-Helium

Jayne :) said...

Hi Kelly

Did get both your posts! I think blogger gets a little confused sometimes - I have had problems in the past too but it seems to be OK now.

Thanks for your kind remarks. I have a lot of fun in here and am pleased that other people are enjoying my meanderings. :)

Jayne :) said...
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Jayne :) said...

Rhonda - you came to visit at last!

I am trying to watch those !!!!!! but I am finding it really hard to express myself without the !

Glad you enjoyed my natterings :)