Monday, 4 June 2007

A final rabies update....... :(

For those that expressed an interest in our rabies victim, she passed away early this morning without having come out of her coma.

A terrible tragedy that should never have happened - my heart goes out to her husband and children at this awful time.

Thanks to those of you who cared.


~Ambre~ said...

That's a real shame..and at the hands of her own pet..How unwise they were not to vaccinate that animal..

~saddens me~

fangers said...

Peace be with the family of this woman. Sometimes life simply doesn't play fair.

Rebicmel said...

Jayne, this is so sad. My heart goes out to her family as well.

Jayne :) said...

Thank you guys - it has been a real shock to the entire community here.

The family will be coming back next week, hopefully they will be able to put their lives back together but I'm sure it will a very difficult time for them.

Magdalen Islands said...

How utterly horrible. It is always sad to hear such tragedy.

jadey said...

Oh Jayne how awful to hear my prayers and thoughts go out to the family