Friday, 1 June 2007

A new place to natter in :)

OK guys, it is done! I have started a new blog for all you horse lovers out there :)

You can find it at OR
just click on the link in my bloggit.

It is suitably called 'Over the Stable Door' - look forward to seeing you there :)


Rebicmel said...

Jayne, it is awesome and I will be doing it a better service later by giving it a good view.

Jayne :) said...

Thank you :)

~Ambre~ said...

I live less than a half mile from horse stables and a Black Angus farm. Does that count? I even have a photo of me when I was a weee little girl on the back of the horse my grandpa owned.

Just kidding! I know hide nor hair about horses, but I do love them and do go trail riding in my area. Only a few times a year though, as I find trail riding behind a long line of meandering horse butts to be rather boring..

~Enjoy your new blog~

Jayne :) said...

so go visit my new blog - lots of lovely pictures of horses and (hopefully) interesting articles and such. :)

Everyone is welcome - maybe I can convert you! LOL

~Ambre~ said...

I shall indeed visit your blog. Upon rereading my post, It seems as though I indicated that I was just kidding about my first whole paragraph, when in fact, it is all true. The part that I was kidding about was not being able to join your blog due to the fact that I know nothing about this beautiful animal nor do I own one. That's neither hide nor hair though.

~off for a visit~

Magdalen Islands said...

Just got back from Over the Stable Door and was fascinated.