Saturday, 2 June 2007

A surprise visitor :)


No it hasn't been snowing in Zambia - just a photo of the snowman my oldest son and his mates made when it snowed all over the UK last year.

I just couldn't resist!

Ain't he cute!


~Ambre~ said...

I think it is refreshingly COOL. As soon as I laid eyes on it I was chilled to the bone. LOVE it!


Jayne :) said...

LOL - wouldn't have minded a little snow a couple of months ago it was that hot.

Rebicmel said...

It's as cute as snowmen get lol...I bet they had a blast doing this.

Jayne :) said...

In theory they were going it for my son's godson (aged 2ish!) but in reality I suspect it was a good laugh :)

jadey said...

Oh Jayne that is cute. However I am so glad that we did not get a lot of the white stuff this year yahoo.