Saturday, 10 November 2007

Another day in the life...

So much to do, so little time to get it all done so it seems! The Jayne family are moving yet again, and this time it's to the other side of the world - not just a little further north in Africa!

The final decision has been made - we are moving to the UK and expect to be gone by January. It's been a tough decision but, I really do believe, the right decision for us at this time in our lives. The girl child is ready to start a new phase in her education and this means an Art College in the UK. The two boys are already settled over there and this mother feels a need to be with her whole family now - there are no more Jayne family members left here in Africa, so time to move.

I will still keep in touch with the happenings in Zambia and I will continue to post about them but there will also be a whole new exciting phase of my life starting - in Eastbourne, UK! One part of me is excitedly looking forward to the change in direction, the other is clinging rather apprehensively to the old.

Whatever the future brings, you can be sure I will share it with you here - on my blog :)


keith k said...

Eastbourne? I didn't think you were that old!! :)

I hope there's somewhere to keep some horses!


Jayne :) said...

Age is all relative Keith - lol Must admit these tidal surges just up the road have me a trifle worried, but the town looks very peaceful and I love the beach although I expect it is bloody miserable in winter! Mind you....??

Afraid the horses are another phase in my life that seems to have come to an end - hopefully I can at least admire them from a distance :)

keith hillman said...


Eastbourne 15 minues away from me! The town I grew up in. Don't believe all those ageist comments. Eastbourne is now a vibrant young town with Europes biggest Marina and a town centre which is being developed to be the envy of the South. Me, my kids -and now my grandkids- have all been educated there - the schools and colleges are first class. Great place for horse riding too being surrounded by hills and countryside. As for the winter, dont worry. Haven't seen snow for as long as I can remember.You will LOVE it.

Jayne :) said...

Hi Keith H - you don't know how your words cheer me :) I've googled and looked at pictures and I have to agree it looks like a very nice place to be. The Uni and colleges look fab and they offer some excellent art courses - sure we'll soon settle in!

And now I know you're close by, I will be asking you advice on the best place for pizza and such like - lol

Thanks for your cheerful message of hope :)

Magdalen Islands said...

Hey, you will be close to Keith H. not bad as you'll be able to stop into his pub and have a cup of Lady Grey.
It's going to be so exciting for you and your family! I'm sure Zambia is nice and all but South England is so cultured.

keith hillman said...


Just to further reassure you, have a look at my illustrated article 'My kinda town - Eastbourne is'

Jayne :) said...

Beautiful Keith - lovely pictures! Good to know that when the winter is over, the sun will shine :)

I am looking forward to it Gimme - just need to get my head around it and get on that plane!

Thank for the encouragement guys :)

manda said...

mummay ... oooer your friendy has a pub =] dont you wanna put in a good word for me *wink wink* so i can be a rich bar maid ^^ (relativley speaking and all)

Deirdre said...

Hi Jayne. Wow. Your moving a world away. Hoping all goes well with your move. I know you will just love the rain. Deirdre