Wednesday, 7 November 2007

A tale of a tortoise and a pigeon...

Ndola family in bizarre find

By Times Reporter

NDOLA residents were yesterday shocked when they found a tortoise carrying a tiny unidentified animal skeleton and a letter demanding payment of over K38 million from a local businessman. The tortoise was discovered by some people going for work around 06:00 hours outside the gate of 7 President Avenue and carrying a letter addressed to the occupant of the house. The workers then decided to inform the occupants of the house and later Ndola Central police station about the tortoise which kept on moving around outside the black gate. Copperbelt Province police chief, Anthoniel Mutentwa said police were keeping the tortoise as further investigations were still being carried out.

“The letter is meant for a local businessman Mumena Mushinge written in a foreign language. As at now all I can say is that we have made efforts to get in touch with Mr Mushinge but he is out of town,” he said. Mr Mutentwa said police would finally decide the fate of the tortoise and the unidentified tiny animal skeleton after completing their investigations.

The letter which was written in Swahili a native language of Tanzania reminded Mr Mushinge to pay back the K38,480,000 debt as promised. The author of the letter did not put his name but only left his phone number, a number believed to be serviced by Vodacom in Tanzania.

A Times crew that rushed to the house found the workers and police officers guarding the house. At Central Police Station, Ndola district police chief, Stella Libongani and her men had a tough time to disperse the crowd, which besieged the station wanting to have a glimpse of the tortoise from an unnamed businessman from Sumbawanga in Tanzania. Part of the crowd outside the police station starting chanting ‘‘we want to see the tortoise! We want to see the tortoise! Give us chance to see the tortoise!”


Magdalen Islands said...

What a strange method of communication!

keith k said...

Has any law actually been broken?

I'd say delivering mail by tortoise is actually quicker than some postal services!

Jayne :) said...

Hi Keith :)

I'm not sure? I mean is it any different than a courier service? LOL

Zambia can be a strange place at times - I will keep an eye open for any follow up story!

Thanks for stopping by - did you VOTE yet? :)

Jayne :) said...

I agree Gimme - I've heard of pigeon post before but never delivery by tortoise and skeleton!


dickiebo said...

Wasn't dated 1st April by any chance?

Rebicmel said...

Jayne talk about snail mail lol.. This is truly bizzare, I enjoyed this post!!!

Jayne :) said...

Afraid not Dickiebo - just normal Zambia :)

Thanks Missy!

T.R. said...

That's the best story I've heard in a long time. I once walked into your country for about five minutes and then I was chased by baboons and walked out - well, rather ran out-- that was at Vic Falls. I've always wanted to come back and stay a little longer.