Friday, 16 November 2007

A very Special day :)

Today the girl child turned 18!

No longer a child and legally an adult - how time seems to have flown by! Seems not so long ago she was still that little blond, pigtailed girl climbing trees, riding her little shetland pony and singing loudly in the bath :)

Now I look at her and see a beautiful young woman - kind and brave, generous and strong. I see a talented artist, a wicked sense of humour and a strength of character that makes me very proud to be her mother.

Most of all, I see this wonderful person that is my daughter!

Happy Birthday :)


Magdalen Islands said...

Happy birthday girl-child. Many more happy ones to come. I know what your saying Jayne about pride in our children.

keith hillman said...

What a lovely tribute. If she's half as wonderful as you she will be special indeed.

Patti Winters said...

Miss Jayne
Please tell the girl-child happy birthday. My son turned 18 yesterday the 15th. Its amazing to watch them grow and then before you know it there they are and making adult decisions. Good luck with yours, I know I am having fun with mine!

Ambre said...

Happy Birthday girl child!!

Rebicmel said...

Aw a legal adult now congrats kiddo. Time passes so fast it seems. My son will be seventeen in a few months and I think about how I miss those baby years. Sigh..

Y'all have done a wonderful job Jayne!!!!!

Jayne :) said...

Thank you guys - I have passed on your well wishes to her :)

Still feels odd having my baby 'all growed up' - lol

KB said...

She sounds like a wonderful girl.

Happy Birthday wishes from New Zealand.

"girl child" i suppose said...

thanky very much ... and thankx mum ^^