Friday, 1 February 2008

A dozen interesting things about living in the UK.

It's been nearly a month since I arrived - here are a dozen things I have learned!

1. People crossing the road always wait until you're almost on the crossing before pressing the button.
2. Walking down the high street requires determination and courage if you want to walk in a straight line.
3. Dog owners only 'scoop the poop' if they think someone is watching!
4. It's impossible to tell whether an 'Emo' is male or female to a bemused observer.
5. Scarves always get caught in the car door when the wind slams it shut.
6. Seagulls always shit on our car.
7. Never go out without an extra woolly jumper - this moment's sunshine can be next minute's howling gale.
8. Smoking on a balcony can be hazardous to the people on the terrace below.
9. Don't assume that things or people work better because it's England - they cock it up here too!
10. Internet connections are frustrating no matter where you live.
11. Little old ladies in supermarkets should NOT be given trolleys!
12. Parking spaces are never wide enough to actually get out the car after you've parked.

Have a nice day! :)


KB said...

Welcome back Jayne, you have been missed. I agree about the parking spaces. Last time I was in UK, I caught myself holding my breath travelling down some of those narrow roads.

What's going on with the voting BTW? Has it been cancelled?

Jayne :) said...

Thanks KB - good to be back even though not up to full speed yet :)

No idea - bloginterviewer seems to have come to a grinding halt. Tis very weird! Any new votes are counted on the thumbs down side this month - I've given up bothering.

Anonymous said...

I once complained about the narrowness of the parking spaces at Tesco ... and got told my car was too big!

(If our grandchildren are around, we usually take one of them, and park in the 'mother and child' spaces)

Keith K.

Jayne :) said...

Hey Keith :)

That sounds like a very English response to a problem! lol

Nice to hear from you :)

keith hillman said...

You mentioned my pet hate there! Little old ladies with supermarket trolleys. I've just got home from the Asda near you, and the number of wrinklies with a complete absence of spacial awareness was alarming.

Jayne :) said...

They are EVIL! lol And trying to be polite and helpful is a complete waste of time - they see it as a weakness!

Hi Keith :)

Ambre said...

LOL! Little old ladies shouldn't be given trolleys, eh? Tell me Jayne, what's the worst that can happen?


Jayne :) said...

I swear there is an 'Evil Little Old Ladies League'- don't worry Ambre, I'm trying to find their offices for future reference - lol