Wednesday, 6 February 2008

On the Balcony

Sitting on my balcony,
watching the slate gray sea.
I watch the seagulls flying high,
against the wind, above me.

Clouds race across the sky.
The mighty wind blows out of reach.
White horses in the breakers,
rearing and crashing on the beach

A sudden lull, a quiet moment.
Sunshine reflecting on water, broken.
Clouds ragged and breaking, racing
leaving only a small token
of the gray day behind.


keith hillman said...

Just beautiful. You certainly seem to be back on form! By the way, now you are here you'll have to spell gray grey!

Jayne :) said...

Thanks Keith - still not managing to spend as much time writing as I would like but hopefully it'll get better.

Grey/Gray - just know there's rather a lot on my head! :)

Ambre said...

You're quite the poet Jayne! Why don't you post your poems on Helium?

Jayne :) said...

Sadly they never seem to do very well there so I assume they aren't very good :)

But I enjoy writing them when I'm moved regardless - lol