Thursday, 21 February 2008

Some pubs I have known......

The hubby and I have started a new family tradition since arriving in these fair isles. Mostly this is due to a general disinclination on the part of himself, myself and the girl child to cook and a certain 'stir craziness' that the man in my life is suffering from couped up in this rather small apartment. It usually starts as a shopping trip to the local supermarket and ends up somewhere in the countryside at some quaint little wayside pub.

This week's find is the Lamb Inn in Hooe (absolutely NO idea how you pronounce that one!). This is, so far, one of the nicest and most pleasant pubs we have discovered. Set just off the road and surrounded by open farm land, it has the traditional look and feel of 'ye olde' English pub and an excellent menu with cheerful and efficient staff. Prices are reasonable and they do offer a special Sunday Roast Lunch (we plan to go back and try that too). A delight in every way and it comes highly recommended by the Jayne family for good food, attractive traditional surroundings and a pleasant and helpful staff.

We give it 5 stars :)


keith hillman said...


The Lamb has been one my favourites for years! It's my nearest serious competitor - my pub is literally 5 minutes away from it in the same beautiful countryside!

Jayne :) said...

Hi Keith - great to see you, I've been feeling a little abandoned here in my coffee shop of late! lol

What is the name of your great pub again? And I thought it was in Hastings? The Lamb was this side of Bexhill? I Still haven't made it to Hastings but if your pub is that close, I'm sure we can pop in for lunch sometime soon :)

keith hillman said...

Hi Jayne. My pub is also your side of Bexhill! ( that's where I live by the way). Under normal cicumstances it's closer to you than the Lamb, but the road across the marshes to us from Pevensey roundabout is currently closed for major works, so I'd leave it a couple of weeks. Actually we are normally booked up 2 weeks in advance for Sunday lunch anyway.It's called the Bulls Head and it's at Boreham Street near Herstmonceux Castle.My email addy is in my sidebar if you want to arrange to come over some time.

I'll put the word about that you are open for business again!

Jayne :) said...

Do you know, I think we may well have driven past it last week! We went for a ramble and tried to get into the castle but it was closed much to my disappointment! We also had lunch in another really cute pub in Herstmonceux - small but excellent food and service. And I absolutely remember turning down Boreham Street - I was the map reader :)

We're moving into Polegate next week - as soon as we're settled I'll get in touch and make a plan! Roast lamb and mince sauce?

Cheers! :)

Rebicmel said...

Oh you two are making me jealous!!!!!! Y'all are gonna get together and have a blasted fun time and we wont be there to partake of the festivities lol. You had better take pictures if you do get togther!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like heaven Jayne it really does and I am drooling over the statement country-side lol.

Jayne :) said...

Hey Missy

I'll save you some mint sauce and fedex it over if you like? lol

We're getting there - slowly but surely I am becoming part of the English pub culture :) - Now so long as they don't try and convert me to cricket hooliganism I should be OK!