Monday, 17 November 2008

Open Season on Shoplifters!

What a wonderful world we live in when some people seem to feel that they can just help themselves to your stuff. This week I had my first experience of shoplifters in our little computer shop - and very pissed off I am too!

What is even sadder is that we get so many very nice youngsters in the shop and now I find myself looking at them ALL with great suspicion thanks to a small group of out-of-control louts that don't deserve the oxygen they breathe!

What is wrong with parents today that they can't even teach their children a little respect - for themselves as well as for others?

Bah Humbug!


Anonymous said...

Well said. I totally agree with you. The vast majority of kids are great, it's just a shame about the scum that float around at the bottom of the heap.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Keith, but I don't think the parents are too blame (all of the time). You can teach and be the perfect parental example, and your kids can still turn up doing this sort of thing.

Believe me, I know this on a personal level.

Crystal Dawn

Jayne - talking nonsense! said...

You're absolutely right of course CD! In the UK though, many of the parents are hardly much better than kids I'm afraid :(

It's a common problem in the common people, encouraged by lack of education and a belief that they are 'owed' just about everything.

In fact, I expect I should blame the Government!

Jayne :)