Thursday, 20 November 2008

Strictly Come Dancing goes Strictly Political!

Who could possibly forget John Sergeant's Paso Doble? Or, for that matter, most of his other dances with the gorgeous Kristina Rihanoff over the past few weeks? I think it's a crying shame that he feels pressured to leave the competition after last weeks Results Show and a few nasty remarks made by the judges and the booted off competitor.

We watch John and Kristina because they make the show fun and entertaining. They prove that not only the young, good looking and fit can have fun learning to dance. We love Kristina's amazing choreographic skills that compensate for John's lack of dancing ability. Basically, the Great British Public love to watch someone like John go out there and do what many of us would secretly love to do if we only had the courage!

As for the judges saying that this is a dance competition, I dispute that! If the public's opinion wasn't wanted, then they shouldn't give us the opportunity to vote for our FAVOURITE celeb! This is as much about being a popularity contest as it is about the dancing - past shows have proved that when people like Julian Clary were voted back in show after show despite his poor dancing skills - even worse than John's I would say. If the celebs can't accept that they are not as popular as they perhaps thought, then they shouldn't put themselves up for a contest like this. If the judges are unhappy about a non-dancer getting through week after week, then they should change the nature of the show and not ask for public opinion.

A sad farewell to John Sergeant then - I think the show will loose much of its sparkle as a result of his decision to leave. Sure there are many better celebrity dancers still hanging in there but none as much fun nor as obviously popular with the public as John. Please watch the video clip as a Lasting Tribute to John Sergeant and the Incomparable Kristina Rihanoff - and enjoy!

(please excuse the size of the embedded video clip - I don't seem to be able to edit it!)


Anonymous said...

I don't really care for this show. I much prefer "So You Think You Can Dance".

posted my crystal dawn

Jayne - talking nonsense! said...

Ah - but I've always preferred originals!

Hi CD :)

Anonymous said...

I've never regarded dancing ... or, indeed anything where you get 'points for style' as a competitive sport. The winner is not necessarily 'the best', but just someone whose face fits.

Obviously, Mr. Sergeant's fits with the audience, but not with the judges. I think I'd have done the same thing ... but would have been a lot less polite about it.

Anonymous said...

Here here! If this was meant to be a serious dance competion then they wouldn't have had so-called celebs prancing around(although I've never heard of most of them). Have to admit though, I don't watch it - I'm an X-Facror fanatic!

Was that CD I saw up there?

Jayne - talking nonsense! said...

Hi Keith - what a pleasure to see you :)

Yes that was indeed the illusive CD! lol

The X Factor!? Are you SERIOUS?

Jayne :)

Anonymous said...

I prefer 'I'm a Celebrity; Get Me Out of Here'

Must say, though, I was really surprised to see Kilroy get the bullet at the first time of asking ... I thought it was going to be that obnoxious dweeb David Whatsisname.

Jayne - talking nonsense! said...

I'm afraid I haven't watched it Keith K - the word 'celebrity' put me right off! Thought it might have Paris Hilton in it (shudder!).

Now I know it's safe, I'll have to watch it and get back to you on that - lol

Jayne :)