Monday, 21 May 2012

My Rules to Live Your Life By .....

I have a friend who insists he only has 2 rules to live by and, while in themselves they are very sensible rules, I personally think they are very limiting. There are so many things in this life that a person should do in order to be happy and, by being so, make others happy. I've compiled 8 Rules of my own that I truly believe make for a happy and fulfilled life and are well worth living for:

  1. Be happy – happiness is a journey, not a destination! It is a part of every waking moment and makes every daily trial bearable. Don't expect others to make you happy, you are the only person who can make yourself truly happy and, by being happy yourself, you make those around you happy too. Just as misery breeds misery, so does happiness breed happiness. Make time to smile and laugh every day, laughter really IS the best medicine!
  2. Admit when you're wrong, and apologise – some people see admitting they are wrong as a weakness, I see it as a great strength! The man (or woman!) that can accept that they are as often wrong as they are right and can say those two little words “I'm Sorry” with a sincere heart, has a gift beyond compare.
  3. Be honest and tell the truth– honesty is always the best policy in all your relationships, both personal and business. Having a reputation for honest dealing is worth a lot.
  4. Do unto others as you would they do unto you – being able to walk in another man's shoes and to see a situation from his point of view is a great gift. Tolerating and respecting each others differences is a great place to start. Be kind to people and, just as importantly, be kind to yourself – none of us is perfect, we all make mistakes.
  5. Learn to listen – being a good listener is not always easy but it is always appreciated. Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on now and then and someone to just listen when they need to unburden themselves. If you're always too busy talking, you miss so many opportunities to be a friend.
  6. Don't let a disagreement destroy a great friendship – real friends are very hard to come by, they are worth more than gold. Nurture them!
  7. Take responsibility for your life – it's easy to blame others and rail at the world for the bad things that happen in your life but it doesn't solve anything, all it does is piss people off! Admit that bad things happen, admit that sometimes it's your own fault and then move on and find a solution. You can't change things if you're always in 'victim' mode!
  8. And finally …. HUGS are what keep body and soul together, hug often and whenever  you can!


Dhiraj Kumar said...

This is really a nice post.Very nice blog. Thanks a lot.

Jayne - talking nonsense! said...

Thank you - glad to know it's still being read :)