Sunday, 20 May 2012

Porching it ... :D

Today was fun!

In the interests of making sure the husband's latest obsession is in fit and healthy state for his return, today I took The Porsche for a spit and polish and then the First Born Son and I hit the highway. Oh what joy to thunder down the A27 in the sunshine with the sunroof open (testing!) and my foot on the gas (testing some more!). We stopped at the Farm Shop on the way back and bought some yummies for later consumption and then did the Polegate bypass to see how fast I could actually go (definitely testing!) - a few brief moments at 100 (apparently there are no speed cameras on this section of road!) and then back to steady 80 - what can I say but . . . . . . .  WOW ?



Magdalen Islands said...

A hundred? Were you in the slow lane? hahahahahahaahah!
Nice tool!

Jayne - talking nonsense! said...

we are talking the UK here Wynn!! Short section of dual carriageway, too many other drivers and a national speed limit of 70 - sad combination lol. Not to worry, there was PLENTY power left :)