Wednesday, 17 January 2007

A funny thing happened..........

A strange thing happened on my way through town today!

It was a little perturbing - this is Africa after all where political unrest can be sudden and unexpected! As I drove down the main street, I was suddenly confronted with armed, military persons doing a 'recci' and holding up the traffic. It was quite bizarre - they did their 'thing' across the road, jumped into a large lorry and drove off looking suitably fierce and determined. I still have no idea of their purpose, but it is a little scary to have men waving weapons at you through the windscreen of your car on a Wednesday morning shopping trip! :( I did rather wonder if we were about to have a military coup?

Speaking of coups, political unrest and scary situations reminds me of my first and last trip across the DRC border to take part in a horse show in 2005. It took us and the 12 horses about 8 hours to do a 200km trip, 5 of which were spent at the border! Getting out of Zambia was bad enough, getting into the DRC was a nightmare! Not being able to speak French didn't help either! On the return trip we arrived at the border to find it surrounded by riot police and an angry mob - all shouting at each other in French! We seriously thought that a coup or similar had happened during our trip and that we may well be stuck on the wrong side of the border indefintely - VERY SCARY! Definitely NOT going there again :)

There is a shortage of chickens here in Ndola! Not the ones that run up and down the road outside my gate but the frozen ones you normally find in supermarkets! Does this mean that bird flu has hit the region? Does this mean that the freezing plant has broken down? Or is it just normal inefficiency on the part of the chicken growing and freezing company? :(

Coffee anyone?

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