Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Nothing new under the sun?

Who was that said 'there is nothing new under the sun' ? I suspect that whoever it was has been recruited to work for our satellite TV company! For the past six months there has literally been NO new movies, serials or documentaries shown on the 'box'. For those of us living in the far flung reaches of Ndola, where the only movie house is a flea infested, 'bring your own chairs and a flask of coffee' sort of place, this has become an ISSUE of some magnitude. Honestly, there really is absolutely nothing to watch on the telly that we haven't seen at least a dozen times before! Every month I threaten not to pay the subs but every month I capitulate, living in the perpetual hope that this month may be different - hah! The final insult? They've just started the Strictly Come Dancing series again - from season one!!

My other serious beef tonight is my INTERNET CONNECTION. I have, at the moment, what I believe is called an 'unstable' connection. To the uniniated this means that my connection goes on and off at a dizzying rate, leaving me hanging (literally) in mid sentence! As I sit here typing this I have gone off three times! This frustrating situation has been going on for the past month with no obvious attempt by my service provider to fix the problem. I have complained, I have refused to pay my bill (they threatened to cut me off completely!) and, as with most things in Zambia, I have given up! Who knows, one day they might actually fix it and wouldn't that be a nice surprise for us all?

So with nothing new to watch on the telly and my internet surfing being seriously curtailed, I took my courage in both hands and went to the Womans Institute meeting this morning and ate chocolate cake over a nice cup of coffee!

Anyone else for coffee?


Brit & Grit said...

Ah to sit with chocolate cake, such a joy.

the Brit

Brit & Grit said...

Hi Jayne,

You should tell us when you open a new site! Especially such a nice one. By the way, we have pretty much abandoned our blog on Blogger, and are concentration on our WordPress site. Of course, I just got, as best I can tell, bought us our own domain (britandgrit.com)but will have to wait until the morning to find out if everything is cool.

As to chocolate, sorry, I'm still on a diet.

the Grit

Jayne :) said...

Grit no-one is on a virtual diet! That's just too depressing to contemplate.

In this magical Coffee Shop you can eat virtually anything and still retain your svelte figure :)

Reiko said...

To answer the question posed, Ecclesiastes 1:9 says, "The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun." So the answer to who said that is Solomon. :)