Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Tuesday morning and all's well with world!

This morning was the first day back at school! Great, a whole morning to myself to do the things I want to do. No more taxi driver, no more food supplier, no more loud music - at least until this afternoon :)

Do you believe in Aliens? Not the litle green men of movie fame but the ones that are sitting out there 'somewhere' WATCHING us? Why they would waste so much of their time doing this is still a bit of a mystery to me to be sure - but........? Maybe it all comes down to damage control, when we finally manage to blow up our world they can make sure that none of us escapes to wreak havoc in the rest of the Universe perhaps?

Or maybe we are just some sort of experiment and we are being closely monitored and tagged every day. You know, in a "Hey Al, throw another volcano in the works and see what they do!" sort of way. Certainly food for thought!

Speaking of food - anyone tried a toasted Nutrello sandwich for breakfast lately? This is the latest teenage morning snack in my house - I can only believe that it tastes as disgusting as it sounds but I am assured that it is absolutely fantastic. Is there any actual nutrious value in Nutrello? I see the healthy cereal bar alternative has been left on the kitchen counter! :)

Where did the term 'blogging' actually originate from? I blog, he blogs, she is a blogger! Sounds a bit rude! If you stuck your head around a door and shouted "you blogger!" you could get all sorts of interesting responses depending on the age group in the room :)

Thought for today........
How many different words are there to describe the littlest room in the house?

Coffee anyone?

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