Sunday, 27 May 2007

3D Grafitti.....?

Milton Keynes has its 'Concrete Cows' - we have 'Zany Zebras'! This is part of some decorative sculpture done by local artists and placed along the roadside and roundabouts for the motorists delight. Quite an 'eye-catcher' don't you think?

Oops - sorry, didn't see you coming into the roundabout on my right, I was too busy animal spotting!


Rebicmel said...

Love it!!!! So cute. In Tulsa for the zoo someone started making Penguins, so around the city and throughout the areas are decorated with multi colored displays of Penguins.

Nice pic girl


Jayne :) said...

Thanks Missy! My son took it while he was here last year on holiday. I was too busy negotiating the trafic - lol

~Ambre~ said...

WoW! and I thought it was neat to pass deer along the way or watch them drink from the creek that passes through the back of my yard meandering its way down to the Otterkill River at the end of my road. Zebras are much more attractive! Nice shot!


J Morgetron said...

In Omaha, the city in which I live, we started out with J. Does. Local artists sculpted human forms any way they saw fit.


Then they started the Benchmark project, in which locals painted bus stop benches.


The most current public art project is the O! project. Artists have been invited to design O! logos.


Everyone should visit Omaha. It's a big small town -- very artist-friendly.

Deirdre said...

Hi Jayne. The Zebra look great,as a matter of fact that Zebra would do wonders for my backyard. lol. Deirdre