Sunday, 27 May 2007

A Mother/Daughter Moment :)

Meeting next to the fridge is a fairly normal place for me and the girl child - me hunting for the cheesecake and her looking for the nutrello! Are all teenagers perpetually hungry?
Yes, that door frame in the background REALLY is that cockeye!


~Ambre~ said...

You just gotta love the fridge Jayne! Seems to me that the girl child is growing past her mama! Soon you shall have need to gaze up to her.

I hadn't noticed that the door frame is cockeyed! I am in need of spectacles though, so don't halt the the framers just yet!


Jayne :) said...

Old photo - the girl child has overtaken me by an inch, maybe? They all seem to get so much taller in general these days!

Hope she doesn't see this entry - she will KILL me for showing her in her grotty school uniform - it is truly horrible! LOL

J Morgetron said...

I love this glimpse into Jayne World.

Jayne :) said...

Just hope I won't regret it in the morning! LOL

The fridge looks good tho :)

Rebicmel said...

Jayne, it's a great pic, the one's I have posted are all outdated lol. I need to take more, instead of an ugly duckling I am now a hairy gorilla . Man I need to get pics . roflmao

Jayne :) said...

Missy - never hairy, surely?
That's what the good old razor is for - LOL

I know what you mean - I am off with huibby's fancy camera this morning to get some newer pictures. Maybe I can find someone else more qualified than myself to operate it! :)

fangers said...

If I post any pictures, they'll be about 20 years old and from my high school yearbook ;p~

Jayne :) said...

well now Alan, my old ones are all in black and white! - LOL

(just kidding!)