Thursday, 17 May 2007

The TRUE meaning of life!

Yesterday I found myself discussing the meaning of life with a friend. Sitting here now, I can't think of a better subject for tonight's ponderings over a great cup of coffee!

So what is the meaning of life? How do we see ourselves in the greater scheme of things? Is it our desire to rise to the top of the corporate ladder or the amount of money that we can earn that gives meaning to our life? Is it family and friends that give us meaning and our sole reason for living? Is it the grand gestures or the small details? I think it is life itself and our ability to grab it with both hands, live it to the full and to appreciate and enjoy every precious moment!

Alternatively, the TRUE meaning of life could just be an onion! :)

Coffee anyone?


mutters said...

Aahh - the source of the 'onion' thread. :))

Jayne :) said...

Actually the other way around - the result of our deliberations on the onion thread lol

Thanks for stopping by :)

Rebicmel said...

This is a wonderful place. I would love to live there

Jayne :) said...

It was our New Year break on the shores of Lake Kariba. A whole bunch of us joined forces - the men went fishing, the more energetic wives played lawn sports while I lay back and enjoyed the view - lol

It is a lovely place :)