Wednesday, 30 May 2007


OK so now I am really annoyed! I am fed up with this invasion of my privacy and this assumption that some ignorant pig person feels they have the right to send me this crap, UNASKED FOR, through my mail box! I am fed up with weird emails in Japanese (I think!), 'confirmations' of my orders of pills and potions, offers of fabulous 'special offers', notifications of mythical lottery winnings and, most of all, PORN!

This morning when I checked my email I had one asking me if I was happy in bed??? Of course I am you stupid, ignorant, twit! I have a fantastic kingsize bed with sealy posturpeadic mattress and all the trimmings that go with it, including a snoring husband/hot water bottle!

I also had one informing me that I had won an amazing prize in some lottery - a little odd considering I have never entered an on-line lottery in my life? Thank goodness I don't actually have a credit card number to give you, so I am not even tempted to be the complete moron you think I am! And, just out of curiosity, if my order for 'long life, wrinkle free, spot cream is ready, how exactly did I order it without said credit card?

Surely this rubbish is as much an invasion of privacy as any other and should be punishable under the law? Did I ask for this crap? NO - I DID NOT! Mostly it started after I did one of the stupidest things in my internet life - I joined a couple of survey companies! Do you think I can get them to un-subscribe me from all the lists they have given my email add to? Do you think I can stop them from harassing me day and night? Do you think I can sue them for giving my email add to some pervert who wants to know about my bedroom habits?

It seems not! It seems all I can do is delete them unread and stand here on my soapbox and RANT! And having ranted, move on - lol

Coffee anyone? Think I might just have a ham sandwich to go with that?


~Ambre~ said...

It is nice to hear that someone other than myself was foolish enough to sign onto one of them survey thinga-ma-jiggies! My direct email account with my ISP has been hijacked by the same rubbish day in and day out!

Sunday afternoon I decided to open said email account (hadn't done so in weeks) I had OVER 1,000 advertisements and my box was full to it's capacity!

Yes Jayne, I feel your frustration. I never receive junk in my yahoo or aol boxes. Perhaps you should open another account or call your ISP and request a new email address, which is exactly what I aim to to after my rant here.

OH Jayne, why oh why, did I visit your blog BEFORE coffee? This is just to much in the morning. I have sadly set my pace for the day! I think I'll stay off the boards in this mood. Just kidding of course.

~think happy thoughts Ambre~

Jayne :) said...

I know - I had over 320 pieces of spam in my junk mail box after not opening it for only 2 days!!

It is beyond a joke - I think that all spam should return automatically to sender if it is deleted before opening! Imagine how bunged up they would get if MILLIONS of junk mail came back to them every day? They might think twice about sending it out in the first place!

Rebicmel said...

YOU ROCK GIRL !!!!!!!! I get that crap all the time too. I have started reporting it and sending it straight into my junk mail that way I just click all and delete it without even looking at it.

There will be peace in the valley someday lol. Okay well that didn't really make sense but hey I was caught up in the moment

fangers said...

Can I share in your lottery winnings puhlease?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jayne,

I hate Spam. It tastes funny. However, it is fun opening the can with that little key :)

Seriously, there was a good break in this area this week. The police finally caught Robert Soloway, who is one of the top 10 people responsible for producing email and comment spam. I'm planning a post on what is the best way to torture him to death.

the Grit

Jayne :) said...

Hi there Grit :)

I have some useful ideas if you're interested? LOL

Must admit, I prefer corned beef myself!