Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Nothing happened.......

Nothing happened much today.
I planted some flowers,
and trimmed the hedge,
and thought of summer showers.

I chatted to my friends today.
I bathed the dog,
and brushed his coat,
and sat in the sun on the log.

I watched the birds fly high today.
I heard them sing,
and put out seeds,
and ignored my cell phone ring.


Rebicmel said...

Well if I sat on a log in this area, I would turn off my cell phone too and enjoy the pretty scenery.

Sounds like a marvelous day you had.

fangers said...

what kind of orchard is that?

~Ambre~ said...

Your area is so peaceful. That's not an orchard, is it?

Jayne :) said...

Just a little piece of 'bush', down near the stables. Indigenous trees, they are everywhere but no idea of the name. It is peaceful out there but as you can see, everything is already going African brown since the rains ended! :)

Deirdre said...

Hey Janyne, I think a great game of hide and seek could be played thru those trees, absolutetly picturesque. Deirdre

jadey said...

This is just peace and quiet at its best thanks Jayne