Saturday, 19 May 2007

And now for something completely different......

My apologies to Monty Python - I have ALWAYS wanted to use that line in print! It conjures up such interesting ideas and thoughts and brings to mind a parrot, a deceased parrot nailed to its perch! Sorry, I just can't help it - I was a huge Monty Python fan in their day and still appreciate and enjoy that ridiculous type of humour. It often gets me into trouble with the younger generation who, sadly, never had the opportunity to enjoy it and so look at me pityingly when I make an off the wall remark in response to a given situation. The girl child has taken to whispered asides to her friends of "Don't mind my mum, she thinks she's funny!" OUCH!

Today I discovered that I had made an astonishing breakthrough in educating the youth of today to the wonders of the 70's and its great musical talent! As I, once again, played taxi driver to a carload of giggling 17 year old girls, the girl child pushed a CD into the player and announced to her mates that this was really cool music. Knock me down with a feather duster - it was last years 'hated with a vengeance and complain loudly and at great length' Cat Stevens CD I bought for myself as a 'perk me up' gift! She and I then proceeded to astonish her friends as we sang 'I'm being followed by a moon shadow' in perfect harmony (well I like to think so!) on route to the chicken take away place. In fact they were so astonished, they all forgot to talk for a whole 5 minutes! Parents of teenage girls take note - Cat Stevens is a sure fire way to quell even the loudest teenager. This little gem of information may well save your sanity one day and then you'll all be rushing to my blog to post your thanks - lol

Do you ever have those 'moments' of absolute clarity where you're quite convinced that you have solved the mystery of the Universe? Or at least how to use the DVD player or found out how to put the TV back onto the movie channel after some silly fool has put it on the music channels and then buggered off? I had one of those EUREKA moments today! It was awesome as I finally felt in charge of at least one item of modern technology - the new fancy microwave that I have only been using to defrost things in this past six months. Sadly it was a necessary replacement for my much loved old faithful when a power surge blew all its innards and the Mr Fixit man insisted, very firmly, that it was beyond repair and not worth bothering with anyway. It was a sad day indeed as I unpacked the new one and discovered that, even with the manual written by a mad Japanese person, I had not a clue how to make it 'do' things! Today, I discovered how to set the timer! A little thing I hear you mumble - yes indeed, but a giant breakthrough in my ever continuing quest for supremacy in my kitchen. Hah! Take that Microwave - I have attacked the unknown and conquered! :)

And so with my newly acquired knowledge on heating a mug of water in the microwave,

Coffee anyone?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jayne,

You are not alone. My son developed an appreciation for several of my antique CDs just before he left for collage. Needless to say, the CDs accompanied him on the journey. I'm still in the process of replacing them

the Grit

Jayne :) said...

Hey Grit :)

We have also developed a taste for Queen, fantastic driving music!

Thanks for the tip, I will make sure I hide them before she leaves home.