Friday, 25 May 2007

Arrogance.....a human condition?

Have you ever wondered why the more educated and intelligent a person appears to become, the more arrogant and narrow minded they become too? It seems strange - you would think that more education would make a person more capable of open minded thought and an understanding of how little they really know in the great scheme of life? But, generally, it doesn't seem to work that way. Doesn't it just REALLY ANNOY you to hear them with 'witty put downs' on the tip of their tongues, attempting to cleverly make a fool of someone who they perceive as of lesser 'intelligence' than themselves? Or worse still, invalidating someone's opinion because they are so sure that they have all the answers.

I think it is just plain RUDE and IGNORANT myself!

And now it's time to jump down off the soapbox and enjoy a coffee :)

Anyone else for coffee?


Rebicmel said...

Jayne, I am extremely sorry I was so arrogent. I don't mean to be honetly, it's just that I know so much about the art of nose picking I can't help myself at times.


Jayne :) said...

LOL - just this once you are forgiven :)

I will even promise to come to you for advice when I need to pick my nose in future!

Rebicmel said...

hehehehe gmail me.

Crystal Dawn said...

This is so true! One could very well feel the strangulation of intimidation slowly squeezing the life out of them when confronted with such an instance. I've swallowed many an intelligent thought due to the groping claws of arrogance!

I be just a plain Jane, if you will...


Jayne :) said...

A little less of the plain if you don't mind!


J Morgetron said...

I agree that this happens some times, but I know plenty of highly educated people who are more than just book smart, but are also smart in compassion, if you will. I'm particularly thinking of some of my college professors ... PhDs who made me feel like an equal ... whether I am or not.

Jayne :) said...

Hi Morgy

Thanks for visiting :)
I agree - it is the the sign of a truly great person when they can make everyone feel comfortable and at ease. Pity there are always the few who get up your nose! LOL

J Morgetron said...

Indeed. I would really hate it if someone climbed up my nose.